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Hit the roads with confidence this winter

The snow has arrived and that means travel will be difficult over the next several months. Remember, drivers will start to see snow plows patrolling Minnesota’s roadways. It’s also important to drive according to weather conditions. Many crashes at this time of year are caused by distracted drivers who are going too fast or traveling too close to other vehicles. You can check road conditions at Minnesota’s 511 Information System. Before you hit the road for the weekend check your emergency kit for your car. Review snowplow safety guidelines here.


Don't Forget the S

​U.S. shoppers who responded to a recent national poll said they’ll spend as much online as they do in stores this holiday season. As you click your way through your shopping list, be sure to limit online shopping transactions to websites that start with https – the S is what’s important here in terms of the security of those financial transactions.​​

Extra DWI Enforcement Now on Minnesota Roads

​“Thank you” for putting others first by choosing not to drive drunk.
That’s the message by law enforcement, establishments and Minnesotans to those making the right choice this holiday season.

The “thank you” is part of the Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety holiday campaign to get more people to join the crowd and find a sober ride after consuming alcohol.

For people who decide to drive impaired, law enforcement will be watching.

Officers, deputies and troopers from more than 300 agencies across the state are conducting extra DWI enforcement patrols during weekends through Dec. 30. 

There Might Be an Odorless and Invisible Gas in Your Home

​Your stove, furnace or fireplace could be putting you at risk if it’s producing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide incidents are more common during the winter months because people may use unsafe heat sources or not follow fire safety rules. Make sure your CO alarms are working properly and test them once a month. Clear snow build-up from dryer, furnace, stove and fireplace vents. And never use grills inside.

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